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Sorry, stress overload.

CiciStamp by Cicide76536AlluStamp by Cicide76536


Queen of the miserable night by Cicide76536
Queen of the miserable night
Deep so deep red, on your cheeks,
when you turn your gaze on me.
Misty little lights, sparklin' little lights,
make your eyes so shadowy.
Uncertainty and revelry,
on what you wished you've done,
and what you really did,
Hmmm... once your family's gone.

Death has ripped my willing flesh
of the night,
for you.
A magic flight and the wildest ride,
ended with the night…


I got an idea about 4 weeks ago, but I had so many exams and stuff that I didn't have any time! But HA! I finished it just an hour ago and I'm happy as a penguin! Cici again (yes, she smokes) and yeah, red wine, red rose, red curtains, red dress, red tablecloths, red everything... I'm obsessed with that color! And that guy over there, I have no idea who (s)he is, so um..? Let's see what happens next...

I had a serious problem with SAI (it didn't want to save this!!) and with these colors... It was almost impossible to get floors' and walls' colors right, AND FUCK THOSE TABLES gosh.. And fuck also that wineglass, but it turned out kinda nice... BUT fuck it still, so hard to do! Dx

I haven't draw any "great" picture lately and I've lost my talent (lol I haven't ever had it) to draw good backgrounds but I'm kinda happy with this, though it took a lot of time. Leave a comment, what you think!

Thank you for fave! :heart:

Character: (c) Cicide76536 
Time: OMG
(c) Cicide76536 - 1.5.2016 ( COME WHAT MAY )
Little Princess by Cicide76536
Little Princess
This is traditional, I colored it with promarkers and and yes, this edit is kinda bad but idc, it's still okay xD 
(c) Cicide76536 - 10.4.2016
Come here, you silly! - JC by Cicide76536
Come here, you silly! - JC
AYAyAYAy another pic!!

This is from EvilSonikku's and my RP, JC! It's about those wolves(which are actually humans) life and relationship and their adventures. We've been roleplaying it almost two years now! This is not any special scene, but I just got an idea to draw them in that way :'D

Characters: (c) Jonathan/the black one by Cicide76536 and Catherine/the yellow one by EvilSonikku
Time: About 3-4 hours
(c) Cicide76536 - 9.4.2016
I got tagged by :iconevilsonikku: u bitch 
And i'm going to do this u_u


1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
3. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
5. NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag backs!
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry

Okay here are the facts (10):

1. I am actually pretty good at school..?
2. I'm half estonian, half finnish. I have also russian and ingerian blood. 
3. I'm fat and i'm not pretty at all, but I have many friends C:
4. I fall in love veeeerrrry easily and that sucks lol.
5. I don't know how to draw anymore?
6. I'm always pretty surprised when I notice how lovely my closest friends are.. Omg what have I done to deserve your love? ;_;
8. I just kills me when someone destroys my trust or betrays me. 
9. If someone insults my friends or loved ones, I became a monster of your nightmares. 
10. I seriously can't hold my feelings inside of me.


1. Have you ever watched anime? Why/why not?
- I have, only a little (like a few episodes ??) xD It just doesn't pull me in, it gets me easily bored, sorry D: Maybe I just haven't found any good anime for me...
2. Describe yourself with 5 words.
- Fat ugly piece of garbage.
3. Are you different than people around you, why or why not?
- Umm... I actually change a little much when I move between groups of people... But only a little! Just as much that I can feel myself comfortable! I'm more like a "normal one between the different ones".
4. Can people say they're animal lovers if they eat meat?
I don't see a problem with that. With that logic you can't say you're permissive, because I'm pretty sure there is a group of people and thinkers you don't accept. Or you can't say you like hiphop because there's always something you don't like. So, yeah.
5. Do you have many OC's and who are them?
- I don't have many of OC's, Cici is one of them!! And Jonathan I guess. .. . ?? 
6. What's your dream vehicle? (I just wanna cool black car ;_; )
- Black cool car, same!! 
7. Have you ever ride a horse, do you even want?
- I have ridden a few times! I would like to try again! 
8. Dreamworks, Disney or Pixar? 
- Umm... . .. .Dreamworks! They make better movies!!! 
9. What you're afraid of? Tell 3 things 8)
- SPIDERS, mad silent killers who stand in front of your window without that you notice, deathly disease
10. Now I challenge you to do a forward roll! Can you do it?
- Fuck no D: I can do it but it would probably kill me.

My questions:
1. Would you stay in abandoned mental hospital alone for a night for 1000€ ?
2. If you could mix two of any animals on Earth, what would you mix? 
3. What have you never eaten but you'd like to taste?
4. Do you go shopping often? Where?
5. Do you watch TV? Name 5 of your favorite actors/actresses.
6. Do you like baking? Do you bake often/why not?
7. What about roleplaying? Do you like RPGs? 
8. Where you see yourself in 60 years?
9. A hamburger with or without pickles? 
10. Would you return 30 years back in time or go 200 years forward? Why?

Shitty english, SORRY!!

I'm tagging these fellas of me:
ShibiTerir767 Trollipoppari Chippun Aguashida FlamewolfTheWhite Saga198 msVuonis Parsakaaliboui Akaasi Enkeksimuita xD EvilSonikku ois julma tagata nii en tee sitä xD oon kind!! 

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